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What is HomeHunt?

Homehunt is a Choice Based Lettings partnership, which has been designed to give you improved access to affordable rented properties across Scotland. All of the partners will be sharing the same housing register and you will be able to apply for all properties advertised by the Homehunt Partners.

By offering more choice to you we hope to build more settled communities and give you more say in where you are housed. Homehunt is a simple and straightforward way of letting homes and we aim to be open and transparent.

Who are the Homehunt Partners?

Please go to the Contact Us page for details of the HomeHunt partners.

What is Choice Based Letting and what are the benefits of Homehunt?

Choosing a new home is a very important decision and we want to make it simple for you to choose one that you like. We don’t have a waiting list and we advertise our homes so you can choose the ones you want to apply for, however we have many more applicants than we have available homes. Although Choice Based Letting does not mean we have any more homes available, we feel it is a fairer and simpler way to let homes.

The benefits are:-

  • You can choose where you want to live. This helps create settled communities and makes better use of our properties.
  • There is one online registration form.
  • All available properties are advertised on one website.
  • You can apply for homes over a wider area to make it easier for you to move between areas.
  • We can give you advice about our housing options.

Each partner will advertise their properties on the website and invite applications.

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